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CHEL Intel — March 29, 2022

Now in its fifth season, the 2022 NHL® Gaming World Championship™ is the NHL’s premier global esports competition that features the best European and North American EA SPORTS™ NHL® 22 players, competing to take home their share of the $100k prize pool and ultimate bragging rights in the world of Chel.

The last of the GWC European Qualifiers played out this weekend with the Regions of Czech Republic/SlovakiaSweden and United Kingdom/Ireland participating in best-of-three, single-elimination, bracket play.

By winning their respective European Qualifier tournaments, players bypass the European Online Open Play queue and advance directly to the Console Final (to be played in April). The European Qualifier winner will take home the $500 USD prize and be seeded among Week 1 qualifiers from the Online Open Play.

Each of the four (4) consoles – PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X – qualified a winner.

Czech Republic/Slovakia

PS4: Krchy11 (Vojtƒõch Krcho), České Budějovice, Czech Republic

PS5: Sebicek0033 (Jakub Sebesta), Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Xbox One: Hulmiumola (Valcav Stachura), Třinec, Czech Republic

Xbox Series X: Zaky11 (Jan Zak), Litvínov, Czech Republic


PS4: Faze91- (Filip Azri), Märsta, Sweden

PS5: SebbeLarsen86 (Sebastian Larsen), Sweden

Xbox One: xSinniv (Armin Draganovic), Sweden

Xbox Series X: Jonsson X 15 (Anton Jonsson), Osby, Sweden

United Kingdom/Ireland

PS4: misterduncevital (Daniels Burinsks), Boston, United Kingdom

PS5: MartindalexC (Connor Martindale), Padiham, United Kingdom

Xbox One: Twitch CormzyTV (Carmac O’Keefe), Cardiff, United Kingdom

Xbox Series X: Bucky x 97 (Joseph Balm), Nottingham, United Kingdom

North America

Players who qualified in Week 1 of Online Open Play in the NHL GWC North American tournament, have been confirmed. A list of those players by console can be found here.

Following the conclusion of Online Open Play, the top sixty-four (64) players for each of the consoles from each Weekly Play Period will be eligible to participate in a North American Console Final. Player seeding for the Console Finals can be found in the rules.

After the first round and thirty-two players per Console remain, each North American Console Final will be re-seeded based on results from the applicable Online Open Play. Seeding is as follows:

1. Weekly Play Period in which the player earned a Collectible

2. Total number of wins during a Weekly Play Period

3. Skill rating

4. Goal differential during a Weekly Play Period

5. Coin flip

Players will play using their existing HUT teams until the Semifinal round of the applicable North American Console Final, at which point players will participate in the HUT Team Draft and select new HUT teams.

Tournament format explainer video

GWC European Online Open Play registration is open until April 3, 2022

March 30 – April 3: European Online Open Play: Week 1

April 6 – 10: European Online Open Play: Week 2

Saturday, April 9: NHL GWC North American Console Final: Xbox One & Xbox Series X (Round of 64 + Round of 32)

Saturday, April 10: NHL GWC North American Console Final: PS4 & PS5 (Round of 64 + Round of 32)

EU Qualifiers Update: The European Qualifier for the Norway/Denmark Region did not result in a player advancing to the European Console Final. To keep the tournament balanced, the top 27 players from across the European Region for the first Weekly Play Period (March 30 – April 3) will now advance to the European Console Final.


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