Saturday, December 3, 2022
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NFL to Host International Combine in London

Nearly 50 athletes from 14 countries invited to participate

The NFL International Combine is headed to London.

The invitational scouting showcase, mirrored after the annual NFL Combine staged in the United States, is designed to discover and evaluate potential NFL talent from around the globe.  Up to 50 athletes will be selected to participate in a series of tests in front of NFL evaluators at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 12.

“We are excited to host the International Combine in London next month,” said DAMANI LEECH, NFL Chief Operating Officer of International. “Through the event, we hope to discover new talent, create more global exposure of the game and provide an opportunity for participants to compete at the highest level.”

Athletes will be evaluated for a potential position in the NFL’s International Player Pathway program. Instituted in 2017, the program aims to provide elite international athletes the opportunity to compete at the NFL level, improve their skills, and ultimately earn a spot on an NFL roster.

Following the International Combine, a select number of athletes who meet specific performance standards and display the potential to play in the NFL, will be invited to train in the United States for three months as part of the International Player Pathway program. The group of athletes will be reduced yet again following the training phase in the US and a select number will be allocated to NFL clubs for the 2022 season.

The International Combine is the first step in the process towards participation in the IPP program that has helped players such as EFE OBADA (UK/Buffalo Bills), JAKOB JOHNSON (Germany/New England Patriots), JORDAN MAILATA (Australia/Philadelphia Eagles) and SAMMIS REYES (Chile/Washington Football Team) earn a place in the NFL.

The 2021 event, which is closed to the public, will be the third iteration of the NFL International Combine, after hosting one in Australia in 2018 and in Germany in 2019. The NFL will also conduct a Combine in Mexico later in October for athletes unable to make it to London due to travel restrictions.

Below are the players who received International Combine invitations:

First Name Last Name Position Country Team Name
Joshua Addams RB UK ex-London Irish (Rugby)
Samson Alabi RB UK London Blitz
Leon Balogh DL Austria Vienna Vikings
Silvan Barelds TE Germany Dusseldorf Panthers
Maceo Beard DB France Potsdam Royals
Connor Bolton OL UK London Warriors
Jan Bombeck DL Germany Hamburg Sea Devils
Max Bruder OL Germany Leipzig Kings
Brandon Camara TE France Marseille Blue Stars
Mbaeteka Chigbo Roy OL Nigeria Up Rise Academy
Haggai Chisom Noubuisi OL Nigeria Up Rise Academy
Lawrence Cornwall-Baptiste OL UK London Warriors
Marcel Dabo DB Germany Stuttgart Surge
Boris Degas LB France Bordeaux Lions
Emmanuel Falola LB UK Kent Exiles
Jan-Hendrick Hoffmeyer OL Germany Frankfurt Galaxy
Jai-Albert Jackson DL UK Stuttgart Surge
Yannic Kiehl OL Germany Frankfurt Galaxy
Fabian Kratz OL Germany Cologne Centurions
Amos Laoye OL Belgium Potsdam Royals
Lance Leota DL New Zealand Leipzig Kings
John Levi Krause TE Germany Hamburg Sea Devils
Daniel Marshall TE UK Swansea University
Igor Mašlanka TE Slovakia Wroclaw Panthers
Arthur Mbahin DL UK Tamworth Pheonix
Enzo Mensah LB Italy Milano Seamen
Yoann Miangue DL France Dresden Monarchs
Leonel Misangumukini DL Austria Vienna Vikings
Wael Nasri OL Germany Frankfurt Galaxy
Aymeric Nicault WR France Potsdam Royals
Adedayo Odeleye DL UK Berlin Thunder
Kehinde Oginni Hassan TE Nigeria Up Rise Academy
Yoshihito Omi WR Japan Leipzig Kings
Andy Owusu RB UK Kent Exiles
Lukas Ruoss LB Switzerland Potsdam Royals
Flamur Simon LB Germany Dusseldorf Panthers
Jacob Smilie RB UK ex-Swinton Lions (Rugby)
Shawn Tuione DL New Zealand N/A
Chad Walrond DB UK Allgau Comets
Robin Wilzeck WR Germany Dresden Monarchs
Filip Zacok DL Finland Seinajoki Crocadiles
Aslan Zetterbeg DL Sweden Leipzig Kings
Janos Zilai LB Hungary Fehervar Enthroners
Raphel Zistler DL Germany Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
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