Friday, March 24, 2023
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NBA Preview: Washington Wizards (31-36) at Philadelphia Sixers (44-22)

When the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Washington Wizards on Sunday, they will be looking to win for the fifth time in a row.

On Friday, the Philadelphia 76ers prevailed 120-119 over the Portland Trail Blazers thanks to Joel Embiid’s difficult fadeaway jump shot from 15 feet out.

The Sixers, who had a lead of as much as 21 points, had no other advantage throughout the game.

Embiid led the Sixers once more with 39 points, his fifth game in a row with at least 30 points.

Embiid is super certain about scoring, however he’s completely mindful that the Sixers are a long way from a completed item.

James Harden scored 19 points, pulled down nine rebounds, and provided eight assists after missing just one game due to soreness in his left foot.

The Sixers were able to extend their streak of victories, despite the fact that it was not a typical victory.

After suffering consecutive defeats at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks, the Wizards will attempt to rebound.

On Wednesday, Washington lost 122-120 and on Friday, 114-107. In the most recent defeat, Bradley Beal scored 27 points, while Kristaps Porzingis added 22.

With 1:26 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Wizards reduced a 13-point deficit to two, but they were unable to complete the comeback.

For a spot in the play-in tournament and 10th place in the Eastern Conference playoff race, the Washington Wizards are one half-game ahead of the Chicago Bulls. The Hawks are ranked eighth.

Washington and Philadelphia may meet again in the postseason as the regular season winds down.

The Wizards will need to shoot better from 3-point range if they want to improve their playoff seeding. In its second consecutive defeat to the Hawks, Washington made just 7 of 27 (34.9 percent) 3-point attempts.

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