Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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NBA Preview: Detroit Pistons (15-48) at Cleveland Cavaliers (39-26)

In order to recover from an injury to his right groin that he suffered during the third quarter of his most recent game, Donovan Mitchell acknowledged that he “played off adrenaline.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers have now lost four of their last five games thanks to Mitchell’s masterful 44-point performance.

When the Cavaliers compete for a season sweep of the visiting Detroit Pistons on Saturday night, Mitchell hopes to be healthy enough to participate in his 400th NBA game.

This season for the Cavaliers, Mitchell has achieved career highs in points (27.5) and minutes (35.5). On November 27, the four-time All-Star scored 32 points in Cleveland’s 102-94 victory over Detroit.

On Nov. 4, the Cavaliers defeated the Pistons on the road by a score of 112-88. Jarrett Allen scored 23 points. On February 8, he scored 20 points in a 113-85 victory over visiting Detroit.

Darius Garland, Mitchell’s backcourt partner, defeated the Celtics on Wednesday and notched 29 points, nine assists, and four steals. Cleveland, on the other hand, was defeated 41-26 in the third quarter.

This season, the Eastern Conference’s cellar-dwelling Pistons have received far too many punches. However, on Wednesday, an unconventional blow sent them to the mat. Detroit was defeated by the Chicago Bulls 117-115 when rookie Jaden Ivey called a timeout that Detroit didn’t have, earning a technical foul with 9.1 seconds left.

Bojan Bogdanovic scored 34 points for Detroit after missing one game with soreness in both Achilles tendons. This season, he leads the team in point average (21.6).

One shy of their season-high total from Nov. 9-20, the Pistons have lost six in a row.

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