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Boxing Preview: Jesse Rodriguez (18-0-0 11 KOs) vs Sunny Edwards ( 20-0-0 4 KOs)

Matchroom has pulled a rabbit out of the hat, announcing four electric events slated for the latter half of 2023 across the USA and Mexico. Every punch, jab, and knockout will be broadcast live on DAZN for the world to witness.

Arguably, the pièce de résistance of these announcements is the Flyweight unification bout – a showdown between the impeccable Jesse Rodriguez and the formidable Sunny Edwards. This epic clash is all set to ignite the ring at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, come Saturday, December 16. It’s a date all boxing purists have circled in red.

Rodriguez, the WBO champion, and Edwards, the IBF titleholder, are both stepping into the squared circle undefeated. They’re risking it all – their records, their titles, and their reputations. It’s the kind of fight that separates the contenders from the pretenders, with both pugilists putting their titles on the line for the very first time in a unification bout.

Jesse “The Lethal” Rodriguez, boasting an 18-0 record, catapulted into limelight back in February 2022, clinching the World title right in Arizona. He’s been on a tear since, defending his title with tactical precision and raw power. On facing Edwards, Rodriguez commented, “This bout is my canvas to showcase that I am not just the top Flyweight but a boxer to be reckoned with on the global stage. Arizona, where my world champion journey started, will witness fireworks come December 16.”

Sunny “The Maestro” Edwards, with an equally intimidating 20-0 record, has been chomping at the bit for a mega-fight since seizing the IBF crown in 2021. Known for his slick footwork and razor-sharp combinations, Edwards exclaimed, “This clash is what boxing folklore is made of – the true #1 against the genuine #2. I’m prepping every jab, hook, and uppercut to etch my name in boxing history on December 16.”

Jesse Rodriguez (18-0 11 KOs):

“I’ve always been ready for any fight. Unifying titles is a dream for any boxer, and December 16 will be memorable.

“Sunny and I are distinct individuals. He’s vocal about his confidence, while mine shines in the ring. During my last fight, even after a broken jaw, I fought on for six rounds. That’s the confidence I carry. I’ve watched Sunny, and he’s good, but I don’t believe he has ever met someone with my skill set and determination.

“This fight on December 16 is monumental for my career. The talk around it indicates the excitement and anticipation. My supporters from San Antonio will be present, making it feel like a hometown fight for me.

“Victory doesn’t necessarily mean causing harm. It’s about outperforming the opponent. Come December 16, I will showcase my strategy and bring that belt back to San Antonio.”

Sunny Edwards (20-0 4 KOs):

“Thanks to Eddie, DAZN, Bam’s team, Robert Garcia, and Mr Honda. This fight has been in my sights even before Bam emerged as my opponent. Jesse’s talent is evident, and this might not be our last encounter.

“The anticipation for this event is huge. Being at this stage, it’s a dream come true.

“The real challenge excites me. I’m already training hard in Tenerife, preparing for the fight. Concerns about whether this fight is right never crossed my mind. With Eddie, I was clear about my preferences and expectations. This is a significant fight I’ve wanted, and it’s happening now.

“Details like gloves, ring size aren’t my focus. I appreciate Jesse’s authenticity in this sport. Our strategies might differ, but it doesn’t mean I need an edge. In my eyes, overcoming a young 23-year-old fighter like Jesse is the challenge.

“I’ve faced fighters at Jesse’s caliber. When we fight on December 16, it won’t be about mind games, but skills. Every day, the excitement grows.

“Some believe cutting the ring off is the strategy against me. But my approach is adaptive, responding to the fight’s rhythm. While I may not be known for KOs, my track record speaks volumes. The challenge is not only to defeat me but to maintain consistent success against my style.

“People questioning my power haven’t seen my full potential. My primary objective in the ring is to ensure victory. Bam may be a powerful puncher, but strategy plays a crucial role in a fight’s outcome.

“Many champions, like Devin Haneys and Shakur Stevensons, prioritize strategy over sheer power. A young Bam might enter the ring trying to make a statement. But understanding and breaking my defense will be a task for him.

“I view myself as a puzzle in the ring. My years of dedication and unseen hard work have equipped me to face any opponent. Being in the ring feels like home to me.

“This fight promises to be a spectacle. I eagerly await December 16, confident of emerging victorious”

Murodjon Akhmadaliev:

I agree with you, Eddie. I’m convinced that I emerged victorious in my last fight. Despite a slow start, I dominated from the fifth round onwards. Nonetheless, my focus is now on my current opponent, who is the strongest among the contenders. I am fully committed to reclaiming what I rightfully deserve.

Kevin Gonzalez:

This fight presents a significant challenge, but I am confident in my ability to succeed. My attention is solely on MJ at the moment. However, a victory here opens the door to potentially facing the winner of the Inoue vs. Tapales fight. This bout is a crucial step in my journey, and I am thoroughly prepared for it.

Galal Yafai:

Being part of this major event alongside Sunny and Bam is exciting. I anticipate future opportunities to compete against them. However, my current focus is entirely on securing a victory against Rocco this Saturday. It’s important to not just win, but to perform impressively. I aim to excel in the ring and then enjoy watching the main event. My amateur career wasn’t typical; I was aggressive and successful, even in the Olympic finals, which is uncommon for a Flyweight. I prefer to let my performance in the ring speak for itself, and I look forward to showing what I can do this Saturday.

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