Friday, December 1, 2023

Boxing Preview: Alexis “Lex” Rocha (23-1-0, 15 KOs) vs. Giovani “Gallo de Oro” Santillan (31-0-0, 16 KOs)

Alexis “Lex” Rocha and Giovani “Gallo de Oro” Santillan are set to collide in a 12-round war that promises to be a game-changer for the division. Thanks to Top Rank’s partnership, fans worldwide can catch all the action live on DAZN, the leading global sports streaming service.

Rocha, the NABO Welterweight Titleholder with a killer record of 23-1, 15 KOs, isn’t just a rising star; he’s a viral sensation. Known for his explosive power and strategic mastery, he’s the fighter to watch this year. Fresh off a dominating performance against Anthony Young, Rocha isn’t just fighting to defend his title; he’s battling for international recognition.

“Look, this is more than a fight; it’s a statement,” Rocha said. “I respect Santillan and his crew, but come October 21, you’ll see why I’m the future of this division.”

On the other side, San Diego’s undefeated Santillan (31-0, 16 KOs) is more than ready for his moment in the spotlight. With a flawless record and an arsenal of skills, he’s not just coming to win; he’s coming to redefine the welterweight hierarchy.

“This is my time. I’m thrilled, and I’m ready to shake up the boxing world,” Santillan announced. “A win here isn’t just a win; it’s my ticket to the global stage.”

Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank chairman Bob Arum have both weighed in, hyping the fight as one for the books.

“Rocha is a content machine in and out of the ring. He’s been levelling up fight after fight. I can’t wait to see what he brings to this defining moment in his career,” said De La Hoya.

Arum added, “We’re talking about two digital-age warriors ready to light up social feeds with a fight you won’t forget. The risk is high, but so is the reward. This is must-see TV.”

ALEXIS ROCHA, NABO WELTERWEIGHT TITLEHOLDER: “Firstly, I extend my deepest gratitude to God; without His grace, none of this would have materialized. A nod to Golden Boy Promotions, my crew, my chief trainer Hector Lopez, Abraham Perez, and TKO boxing.”

“A good team is the backbone of my journey. I sense my evolution over the years, and now’s my time. I’m knocking on the door for a world title. I recognize Giovani as a respectable opponent. Crawford isn’t in my sights right now; for me, this is a world title skirmish.”

GIOVANI SANTILLAN, WELTERWEIGHT WORLD TITLE CONTENDER: “This promises to be a fiery fight; our Mexican heritage ensures that. The passion runs deep.”

“I’ve ventured into hostile grounds before. Recall my bout with Sammy in Tampa Bay. As I stepped into the ring, the air was thick with jeers and jibes. Yet, by the end, those very detractors cheered for me. I’m confident of swaying the LA crowd post this fight.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, CHAIRMAN AND CEO OF GOLDEN BOY: “At Golden Boy, we’re clear about our role – guiding our fighters to world titles. Alexis Rocha is fervently knocking. Giovani grasps a golden chance. This embodies the spirit of boxing.”

“My professional inauguration graced the Kia Forum. The Forum holds a unique charm, crafted like an amphitheater ensuring every spot offers a clear view. But the crux is, the audience there cherishes a thrilling fight. This fight will be no different.”

“I’m convinced Alexis Rocha has carved his place, showcasing the mettle of a future world champion. Delving a bit into the Crawford-WBO scenario, an important WBO convention looms where Crawford’s decision – whether to ascend to 154 or remain at 147 – will shape our strategy for Rocha. But priorities first, a challenging adversary awaits Rocha. I’m certain Giovani, with his unblemished record, is charging in, all barrels firing!”

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