Friday, July 19, 2024
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Montreal Alouettes Shawn Lemon suspended immediately

Arbitrator rules defensive lineman’s suspension will take effect immediately pending results of August 1-2 hearing

TORONTO – An independent arbitrator has ruled that Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman Shawn Lemon’s suspension for wagering on Canadian Football League (CFL) games, including one in which he played, will take effect immediately.

The league initially suspended Mr. Lemon on April 24. Following an appeal, he was allowed to return to the field until a scheduled arbitration hearing on July 5. When Mr. Lemon and his representation sought an adjournment of the hearing to August 1-2, the CFL requested an immediate suspension.

The arbitrator ruled an immediate suspension until the hearing was justified and reasonable.

On August 1-2, the arbitrator will hear from the CFL, and Mr. Lemon and his representation before making a final decision on discipline for wagering on CFL games in 2021 while a member of the Calgary Stampeders.

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