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2023 Bylaw Proposal 1A Approved at Spring League Meeting

NFL clubs adopted the below bylaw proposal today at the Spring League Meeting in Minnesota:


Amend Article XVII, Section 17.3 of the Constitution and Bylaws, to reflect the following (new language underlined; deleted language struck through):

Active/Inactive Lists
17.3           One hour and 30 minutes prior to kickoff, each club is required to establish its 45-player Active List for the game by notifying the Referee of the players on its Inactive List for that game. Each club may also designate one emergency third quarterback from its 53-player Active/Inactive List (i.e., elevated players are not eligible for designation) who will be eligible to be activated during the game, if the club’s first two quarterbacks on its game day Active List are not able to participate in the game due to injury or disqualification (activation cannot be a result of a head coach’s in-game decision to remove a player from the game due to performance or conduct). If either of the injured quarterbacks is cleared by the medical staff to return to play, the emergency third quarterback must be removed from the game and is not permitted to continue to play quarterback or any other position, but is eligible to return to the game to play quarterback if another emergency third quarterback situation arises.

A club is not eligible to use these procedures if it carries three quarterbacks on its game day Active List [47- or 48-players in 2023].

Each club may also identify one player on its Inactive List who may dress for the game, provided that (1) such player is a quarterback; (2) the club has two quarterbacks on its 45-player Active List; (3) if the third quarterback enters the game during the first three periods, he must replace one of the club’s other two quarterbacks, neither of whom may thereafter return to the game under any circumstances; and (4) if the third quarterback enters the game during the fourth period or any overtime period, he must replace one of the club’s other two quarterbacks, either of whom is permitted to return to the game.

[The remaining language of Section 17.3 is unchanged.]

Submitted by Competition Committee

Effect:       Permits each club to designate an emergency quarterback who can be activated from its Inactive List if the two quarterbacks on the club’s Active List are injured or disqualified and unable to participate in the game.

Reason:     Integrity of game.

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