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Boxing Preview: Edgar Berlanga (21-0-0, 16 KOs) vs Padraig McCrory (18-0-0, 9 KOs)

Edgar Berlanga is all geared up to throw down with Padraig McCrory at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, on February 24. The showdown’s going to be a spectacle, streaming for the world live on DAZN. Berlanga, with a spotless 21-0 record featuring 16 KOs, is itching to showcase his rejuvenated ferocity, especially after schooling Jason Quigley last June in New York, sending the guy on a quick tour of the canvas twice in the 12th round.

After a year’s break and some injuries, Berlanga’s back in action, packing a punch with his reunited coach Marc Farrait and strength guru Angel ‘Memo’ Heredia. The man’s bubbling with confidence, claiming to be in the finest fettle of his life, ready to light up McCrory (sitting pretty at 18-0 with 9 KOs) with some serious fireworks.

Berlanga’s not just talking a big game; he’s walked the walk, ditching distractions and focusing on finessing his craft in the serene suburbs. Amidst a backdrop of fair-weather friends and jealousy, he’s honed in on what matters: boxing. With his eyes set on dominating the 168lb division, he’s dropping hints about future tussles with big names, but first, he’s got to dazzle against McCrory.

Padraig McCrory is chuckling all the way to the ring, convinced Edgar Berlanga and his crew have goofed big time by choosing him for this Saturday’s showdown. The stage is set at Caribe Royale, Orlando, with the undefeated super-middleweights ready to rumble, and it’s all going down live on DAZN for the world to witness.

With a record of 18-0, including 9 knockouts, McCrory is gearing up to throw down with Berlanga, who’s not too shabby himself at 21-0 with 16 knockouts. The face-to-face happened today, and you can cut the tension with a knife as they prep for their significant 168-pound clash.

McCrory, hailing from Belfast, isn’t shy about calling this the gig of his lifetime. Meanwhile, Berlanga’s got his sights set on some of the division’s big fish, dreaming of tangles with Jaime Munguia, Diego Pacheco, and the ultimate prize, a dance with Canelo Alvarez. McCrory, though, is just a punch away from stealing that dream and etching his name in Irish boxing lore.

“I’m just one punch away from flipping my world upside down,” McCrory muses, eyes on the prize and heart full of Belfast pride. A victory here isn’t just a win; it’s a golden ticket to the big leagues, a chance to tangle with the likes of Munguia, Pacheco, or even Canelo.

Berlanga might be playing it cool, talking big games and future fights, but McCrory sees right through it. “He’s overlooking me, and that’s going to be his downfall,” he asserts, confident that Saturday’s fight is going to be a rude awakening for Berlanga.

McCrory doesn’t mince words about being Berlanga’s toughest challenge yet. Despite Berlanga’s power and improving skills, McCrory believes he’s biting off more than he can chew this time. “He’s strong, sure, but I’ve seen him rattled before. I’ve got the power to shake him, and I don’t see this fight going the distance,” McCrory claims, ready to defy the odds and make the world sit up and take notice.

As the fight night looms, McCrory sends a cheeky thank you to Eddie for the opportunity but warns, “You’ve picked the wrong guy. Your plans for Edgar are about to hit a brick wall.”

At 26, Berlanga is gearing up for what he anticipates will be a tumultuous clash with McCrory, expecting him to be the most formidable challenge yet. Berlanga, smirking at the thought of a promised brawl in Orlando, is all but rolling out the red carpet for McCrory, eagerly awaiting the promised fireworks.

Berlanga quips, “He’s the toughest nut I’ve had to crack, no doubt. Sporting an unblemished record, McCrory’s got that unbeaten swagger, hell-bent on clinging to his pristine ‘0’. But I relish this; I thrive on the hunger these undefeated types bring to the ring. It’s not just another fight; it’s a leap up the ladder, and with McCrory’s accolades mirroring mine, it’s the perfect storm.”

Berlanga scoffs at the notion of McCrory holding his ground once the punches start flying. “The moment he tastes my power, he’ll be pedaling faster than a cyclist in the Tour de France. I doubt he’ll want to stand and deliver, but we’re ready for his every move. Whether he plans to dance around, bait me, or surprise me with a sly punch, we’ve got it covered. And if he dares to stand his ground, well, he better live up to his moniker ‘The Hammer’.”

With a tone dripping with anticipation, Berlanga warns, “My fists will speak volumes come Saturday. I’ll be hammering his face, and he best be braced for an onslaught. When our eyes lock at the press conference, he’ll see the storm that’s coming. I’m all in, and I’m praying he shows up in top form so we can give the fans a spectacle. I’m not just aiming to win; I’m out for a knockout.”

Reflecting on his recent bout with Jason, Berlanga acknowledges, “It was a clash to remember. But what you need to grasp is McCrory’s perspective; this fight is a game-changer for him. These warriors bring a different game when they’re up against someone like me. Just like Jason, who despite being floored four times, rose each time with a heart of steel. That’s the spirit they bring to the ring against me, akin to facing giants like Canelo or Benavidez.”

Berlanga ends on a note of respect mixed with a dash of inevitability, “I’ve got love for the Irish fans, and heck, my manager’s one of them. But McCrory’s time is up. After this, they might just dub me the ‘Irish Assassin’. And while the roar of the Irish in New York was unforgettable, it’s time for McCrory to face the music. Puerto Rico and Ireland, two lands of warriors, but in the ring, it’s every fighter for himself.”

The night’s not just about these two gladiators; it’s packed with action, featuring a co-feature where Andy Cruz and Brayan Zamarippa duke it out for some shiny titles. Plus, a welterweight eliminator with Shakhram Giyasov and Pablo Cesar Cano, and Antonio Vargas and Jonathan Rodriguez scrapping for a chance at the bantamweight crown. The undercard’s brimming too, with Yankiel Rivera, Herich Ruiz, and Aaron Aponte stepping into the ring, promising fans a night of relentless brawling and bragging rights galore. Get ready for a showdown where punches will fly, egos will be tested, and only the toughest will emerge victorious.



4 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest

Herich Ruiz (223.4lbs) vs. Joshua Brice (N/A)

Isla de la Juventud, Cuba Baltimore, Maryland

Followed by

8 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest

Aaron Aponte (141lbs) vs. Joseph Fernandez (140.4lbs) Hialeah, Florida Saint Petersburg, Florida


12 x 3 mins WBA and WBC Continental Americas Flyweight titles

Yankiel Rivera (111.8lbs) vs. Andy Dominguez (111.6lbs) Toa Alta, Puerto Rico Las Vegas, Nevada

Followed by

12 x 3 mins eliminator for the WBA World Bantamweight title

Antonio Vargas (117.6lbs) vs. Jonathan Rodriguez (118lbs) Kissimmee, Florida Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

Followed by

12 x 3 mins eliminator for the WBA World Welterweight title

Shakhram Giyasov (146.8lbs) vs. Pablo Cesar Cano (146.2lbs) Bukhara, Uzbekistan Tlalnepantla de Baz Edomex, Mexico

Followed by

10 x 3 mins IBF International and WBA Continental Latin-American Lightweight titles.

Andy Cruz (135lbs) vs. Brayan Zamarripa (135lbs) Mantanzas, Cuba Ensenada, Mexico

Followed by

12 x 3 mins WBO NABO Super-Middleweight title

Edgar Berlanga (167.8lbs) vs. Padraig McCrory (167.8lbs) Brooklyn, New York Belfast, Northern Ireland

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