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Q3 2023 shows rise in iGaming in Ontario

This iGaming Ontario market performance report covers the third quarter of the 2023-24 fiscal year (FY), which ran from 1 October to 31 December 2023. This report includes information on all Operators with gaming websites that had trading activity during that period.

– Total wagers of $17.2 billion, a 21% increase over Q2, does not include promotional wagers (bonuses).
– Total gaming revenue of $658 million shows a 22% increase over Q2. This figure represents total cash wagers, including rake fees, tournament fees, and other fees, across all Operators, player winnings derived from cash wagers and does not take into account operating costs or other liabilities.
– The count of 49 Operators and 72 gaming websites includes all Operators and gaming websites with trades that occurred in Q3. See the up-to-date list of Operators and gaming sites.
– About 1.2 million player accounts were active during Q3. Active player accounts are accounts with cash and/or promotional wagering activity during the time period and do not represent unique players as individuals may have accounts with multiple Operators.
– The average monthly spend per active player account was $186.
– Casino games, including slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo, accounted for nearly $13.7 billion (79%) of total wagers and $471 million (71%) of gaming revenue.
– Betting, including on sports, esports, proposition, and novelty bets, as well as exchange betting, accounted for nearly $3.1 billion (18%) of total wagers and $171 million (25%) of gaming revenue.
– Peer-to-peer (P2P) poker accounted for $431 million (2.5%) of total wagers and $17 million (2.5%) of gaming revenue.

As part of its commitment to sharing aggregate revenue and market insight reports, iGaming Ontario intends to continue releasing, at minimum, a market report on a quarterly basis.

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