Sunday, September 25, 2022
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SoftSwiss Adds Territory with New PowerCasino Sportsbook Deal

SoftSwiss is working overtime to become a major player in the global online gaming space. It has already established several new partnerships around the world this year and isn’t slowing down. As online casinos and sports gambling continue to take center stage, the company is entering a new era of operations, securing a new sports gambling deal with the PowerCasino brand. The difference this arrangement has compared to the others is that it’s the first time SoftSwiss signs an agreement with an operator who wasn’t already using its online casino solution.


SoftSwiss Looks For Global Attention

After having launched its brand in several countries already this year, including Nigeria and India, SoftSwiss is adding new territory through its hookup with PowerCasino. The online gaming platform has an extended reach across the globe, and SoftSwiss will now provide its sports gambling products to the company’s PowerSport brand. According to an announcement about the arrangement, this will give PowerSport access to 10,000 live events across 70 different sports in more than 1,200 markets.


The new partnership was reportedly launched in the middle of last month, timed to be running ahead of the 2021 Wimbledon Championship’s inauguration on June 28. It went from concept to availability in less than a month, thanks to SoftSwiss’ API, allowing PowerSport to include the platform’s Free Bets and Comboboost options. The launch marked a “significant milestone” for the company as it expands its reach and becomes more accessible on the global market.


Major Step Forward for SoftSwiss

With the new agreement in place, SoftSwiss is making a splash in the online gaming ecosystem. Aleksander Kamenetskyi, the company’s Sportsbook Product Owner, asserts, “We are euphoric to introduce Sportsbook’s very first client outside of the SoftSwiss Online Casino Platform – PowerSport – who will help us to further expand our business partner network! The integration with a third-party platform client is a gigantic step forward, which will help us strengthen Sportsbook’s global positioning on the market. In the coming months of 2021, we expect Sportsbook to generate massive brand growth as well as expand into new exciting territories.”


SoftSwiss just launched its new sportsbook product in December of last year, making it one of the newer services to join the space. However, the company has already seen “astonishing results” since then, and has continued to attract more attention. SoftSwiss has undergone a branding identity change to reflect its growth and product expansion, intent on better reflecting its position as an “innovative iGaming market leader.” Having started as a software startup 12 years ago and growing to become an international iGaming brand is no small feat, but it has been able to successfully meet all of the challenges it faced.

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