Friday, September 30, 2022
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Real Dealer Releases First Game with Spanish Speech

Following Real Dealer’s entry into the Spanish online market in June, the company now unveiled a new title, localized for Spanish-speaking markets. Real Roulette con Angela is the first out of three games that Real Dealer plans to release for the market in Spain by the end of the year.

Real Dealer Introduces Real Roulette Con Angela

Casino games developer Real Dealer announced today that it released a new version of its Real Roulette game in Spanish. The new game, dubbed Real Roulette con Angela, takes the gambling experience to a new level for Spanish-speaking players. While Real Dealer’s other titles feature English-speaking actors, the latest release is the first game designed for the Spanish online casino market.


Real Dealer’s games combine RNG gameplay with cinematic-quality video. This method takes the player experience to a new level, while at the same time differentiating titles from traditional live-casino games. The company’s titles provide a cinematic alternative to live casinos and are designed to make the players feel like they are within a private or VIP room at a luxury land-based casino.


Real Dealer revealed that Real Roulette con Angela is the first Spanish-language game, but it won’t be the last. The developer shared its plans to release two more Spanish-language games by the end of this year. Similar to a process used by Hollywood’s film production, Real Dealer designed the latest game by using professional actors from multiple regions in Spain.


The Company’s Titles Offer Key Advantages

It was back in June when Real Dealer made its entry into the Spanish market. Initially, the company launched four English-language titles within its Multifire Auto Roulette and Real Roulette series. After that, Real Dealer launched its money-wheel gameshow title Fortune Finder, as well as Real Auto Roulette. Now, Real Roulette con Angela takes Spanish players to a private, luxury casino aiming to create an immersive experience, maximizing the player-dealer connection.


Real Dealer’s chief production officer, Shane Cotter, revealed that the latest release proves that live games are not the only option for players who want to enjoy online games with dealers, who speak their language. Additionally, he acknowledged that the company’s titles are standalone products. This in other words means that Real Dealer’s games do not require the same investment that live studio games do.


Moreover, Cotter outlined that the process which the company has set up “lends itself extremely well to meeting local market demands.” He also revealed that the company is currently discussing the creation of games featuring Latin-American-accented Spanish as well as other languages. In conclusion, Cotter said that local and international celebrities can participate in the format as dealers.

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