Sunday, May 22, 2022
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New Interstellar Attack from High 5 Games

A battle is brewing at High 5 Games, and players are reaping the rewards. High 5 Games has confirmed that its highly anticipated online slot, Interstellar Attack, will be released worldwide on 8 September, bringing a space-invading battle to screens all over the planet.

Lauren Gazneli, Director of Client Partner for High 5 Games, commented: “We never stop innovating and Interstellar Attack is proof of that. We’re excited to introduce players to a new game that’s an absolute blast to play.”


Interstellar Attack invites players to board a spaceship, fight off aliens and asteroids, and collect crystals from their fallen ships. Doing so leads to a Spin-crease, more power-ups, and bigger wins. Also in the mix is a battle bonus, triggered by shooting the alien scout ship.


The game features four types of spaceships, each one granting different shooting powers ranging from one shot to a full column shot where players can destroy all symbols in one column. And with the popular Spin-crease feature, players can collect green crystals, fill the meter, and upgrade symbol values or gain more powerful spaceships.

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