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Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh Preview and Pick Prediction

Dennis Stagliano’s Free College Football Pick

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets shocked me last week when I saw the stats. The Jackets swarmed all over the Tar Heels offense and stung them time and time again with 8 sacks, & 13 TFL’s. Let me remind you that this was against one of the sharpest gunslinger QB’s in the nation (Sam Howitzer Howell). They face another one here as Kenny Pickett and Pitt can move the ball similar to UNC. The win over the Tar Heels was a thumping behind the wood shed. Tech QB Sims was awesome and he is facing a similar defense that is mediocre at best. The Panthers have been one dimensional so far this year. It’s Pickett or bust and I believe it’s a bust. Georgia Tech has proven their mettle and I predict they’ll sting the Panthers this week. Take the Yellow Jackets.
Dennis Stagliano
Dennis Stagliano
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