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3 NFL Thanksgiving Day Picks

Three things that never changed. Death – Taxes – And betting against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was always a day where the Turkeys actually feel sorry for Lions fans.

The Trade:

In the 2009 Draft, the Detroit Lions selected QB Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick. In the 2016 Draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected QB Jared Goff with the first overall pick.

Stafford and Goff were then traded for each other during the 2021 off-season. Stafford would win a Super Bow his first year with the Rams. Goff would develop a reputation as the reason why the Rams didn’t win one before the trade.

Grateful, For Goff!

Rams fans might have a Super Bowl to celebrate, but from a sports betting perspective, there is no doubt who the better QB has been over the last three seasons. Good quarterbacks win games, but great ones cover the spread. Even during their Super Bowl season, Stafford and the Rams finished only 8-9 ATS. Meanwhile, Goff continues to pay out. Stafford may have the accolades and Super Bowl ring, but Goff covers more spreads.

Looking at the $1200+ difference in profit between Goff and Stafford, it’s clear that not enough sports bettors appreciate what Goff has been able to accomplish, ATS. That’s why I’m hear to tell you about him.

Goff vs. The Greatest:

Not only does Goff hold his own against Matthew Stafford, but over the previous three seasons, he has been right there with names like Brady, Mahomes, and Rodgers.

The single greatest skill a QB can have for sports bettors is the ability to cover the spread consistently.

Sometimes the expectations we place on players like Mahomes, Brady, and Rodgers can severely impact their ability to cover the spread.

Brady and Mahomes combined to throw for 10,155 yards last season and 80 touchdowns. However, ATS they were a combined 17-17. 50% ATS doesn’t pay the bills. A mere mirage of profit betting on them.

Goff Giving Back

During this Thanksgiving-themed newsletter, we must highlight the giving that Goff has done for all those who enjoy the player prop betting market. Each week Goff is assigned prop odds for his total rushing yards, passing yards, and completions. Anyone who had blindly bet on Goff to go Under his totals in all three categories each week would be 10-5 during that time. Goff’s completion totals and passing yards set by the sportsbooks have been falling consistently each week, yet he regularly still goes under his totals.

Fact: Over his last three games, Goff has completed an average of only 17 passes and 180 yards passing.

As I mentioned above, Goff consistently puts up below average offensive statistics each week, and from a betting perspective, that consistent ineffectiveness can lead us to profit. I see no reason to tinker with what has been working so far.

This Thanksgiving

I am thankful for Jared Goff, and I am all in on:

Goff Under 3.5 yards rushing
Goff Under 249.5. yards passing
Goff Under 23.5 completions

Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck with all your upcoming picks and parlays in this wonderful weekend of thanks and football. We at have a Thanksgiving Feast of Turkey Day Football Picks that is Too Good to Miss. Our football picks guaranteed to profit.

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Dennis Stagliano
Dennis Stagliano
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