Saturday, November 26, 2022
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15 affiliates see legal action from Dutch Gambling Authority

The Dutch Gaming Authority takes enforcement action against 15 so-called affiliates who advertised illegal online games of chance on websites. That is forbidden.

In total, the Ksa started 22 investigations. This resulted in 15 websites that actually violated the Gambling Act. In 13 cases, an order subject to a penalty payment has been (or will be) imposed. The other 2 are still under investigation. In some cases, the violation was immediately stopped, or the advertiser (also called: ‘affiliate’) switched to advertising for licensed gambling providers and stopped advertising for illegal providers.


Order subject to penalty payment

An order subject to a penalty payment is intended to stop the violation. The Ksa carries out re-inspections after the imposition of the load. If it then appears that the violation has not been stopped, the imposed penalty payment will be forfeited. This means that the penalty payment must be paid.


Periodic examination

The provision of games of chance without a license is prohibited. The same applies to the advertising of games of chance that do not have a license. With affiliate marketing, sites receive money when you click through to the online game of chance. The Ksa periodically conducts research into these advertisers.

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